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China Factory Stainless Steel Round Head Solid Rivets

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China Factory Stainless Steel Round Head Solid Rivets

Features strong fastening capabilities with a round head design, providing a clean and polished appearance. Perfect for applications requiring secure and permanent connections, such as aerospace, automotive, and construction industries.

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    TT , Credit 30/60/90 days
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    Wuxi, China( near to Port Shanghai)
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    Plain, Sliver, Copper, Brass
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China Factory Stainless Steel Round Head Solid Rivets


Characterized by their simplicity, dependability, and age-old heritage, solid rivets serve as one of the most straightforward forms of fasteners. Consisting of a solid shaft featuring a head, these devices are firmly held in place by deforming the unheaded side with a hammer or rivet gun. In various applications where ensuring reliability and safety are key factors, solid rivets are widely preferred.


 Solid Rivet Head Type


Borie manufactures solid rivets with a variety of head styles in addition to flat heads.

  1. Flat Head Rivets
  2. 90° Countersunk Head Rivets
  3. Button or Round Head Rivets
  4. Pan Head Rivets
  5. Truss Head Rivets


Common Material Used for Solid Rivet

  1. Steel
  2. Stainless steel
  3. Aluminum
  4. Brass
  5. Copper

To secure the rivet, the terminal end of the shank undergoes impact, pressing, or spinning procedures subsequent to the insertion of the rivet into a workpiece. This process results in the formation (upsetting) of a solid head, constituting the clinched head of the rivet. During impact or press clinching, the force necessary for shaping the clinched head leads to the expansion of the entire shank, effectively filling the hole in the workpiece. The shank's enlargement is most pronounced at the clinched head end of the rivet. In contrast, spun, orbital, or radial rivet clinches demand less force to form, compared to impact or pressed rivets. Consequently, they lack the same shank swelling capability. For most solid rivet applications, pre-punched or drilled holes in the workpiece are requisite


Solid Rivet Benefits:

  1. Low cost fastening
  2. Ease of joint inspection
  3. Easily adopted for automation
  4. Provides a tamper-resistant permanent joint
  5. Virtually no scrap
  6. Minimal investment in machinery
  7. Strongest riveted joint and high shear strength values


d2 - head diameter

k - head height

l - rivet length

d1 - the nominal diameter of the rivet

e - Location nominal diameter from the bottom of the head

d3 - minimum diameter of the shaft


Nominal Diameter  d dk d1 a k r R
max min max min min max max min max
Φ 1 1.05 0.95 1.8 1.55 0.93 0.5 0.725 0.475 0.2 1
Φ 1.2 1.25 1.15 2.1 1.85 1.13 0.6 0.825 0.575 0.2 1.2
Φ 1.4 1.45 1.35 2.4 2.15 1.33 0.7 0.925 0.675 0.2 1.4
Φ 1.6 1.65 1.55 2.8 2.55 1.52 0.8 1.125 0.875 0.2 1.6
Φ 2 2.1 1.9 3.5 3.2 1.87 1 1.325 1.075 0.2 1.9
Φ 2.5 2.6 2.4 4.4 4.1 2.37 1.25 1.625 1.375 0.2 2.4
Φ 3 3.1 2.9 5.2 4.9 2.87 1.5 1.925 1.675 0.2 2.8
Φ 3.5 3.6 3.4 6.2 5.62 3.37 1.75 2.225 1.975 0.3 3.4
Φ 4 4.1 3.9 7 6.42 3.87 2 2.525 2.275 0.3 3.8
Φ 5 5.15 4.85 8.8 8.22 4.82 2.5 3.125 2.875 0.4 4.6
Φ 6 6.15 5.85 10.5 9.8 5.82 3 3.75 3.45 0.4 5.7
Φ 7 7.15 6.85 12.2 11.5 6.82 3.5 4.35 4.05 0.4 6.6
Φ 8 8.15 7.85 14 13.3 7.76 4 4.95 4.65 0.4 7.5


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