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Waterproof Bulb Type Tri-firm Rivets

Tri Fold Rivets
Tri Fold Rivets
Tri Fold Rivets
Tri Fold Rivets
Tri Fold Rivets
Tri Fold Rivets

Waterproof Bulb Type Tri-firm Rivets

Borie Fasteners is a professional Bulbtight Trifirm Rivet manufacturer and supplier, we are committed to providing clients with superior fastening solutions. Bulbtight Trifirm Rivet 5.2 Aluminum/6.4 Aluminum/7.5 Aluminum all are in stock.

  • Standard:

    Waterproof rivet
  • Diameter:

  • Head Type:

    Dome Head/Large Flange
  • Material:

  • Certificate:

  • Finish:

    Natural polish
  • Factory:

    We are a factory with 19 years of R&D experience
  • MOQ:


 Borie Waterproof Bulbtite Rivets 


The waterproof Tri-firm rivet consists of a hollow body, a mandrel (the center pin), and a bulb-like portion at the end of the mandrel. There are different types of head styles including the Standard Dome, Countersunk and Large Flange.

Normally Waterproof Tri-firm rivet are chosen for applications where a strong, reliable, and watertight joint is required, particularly in industries where vibration resistance and sealing properties are essential for optimal performance and longevity.


Colorbond Pop Rivets

Waterproof Bulb-tite Rivets


Aluminum/ Aluminum


5.2mm, 6.4mm, 7.5mm. 

Head Style:

Dome Head

Large Flanged Head

Color EPDM washer is available. 


Waterproof Rivets For Boats

Advantages of Waterproof Tri-firm rivet

Vibration Resistance: Bulb tite rivets are designed to provide strong vibration resistance. The unique radial extension of the bulb mandrel creates a larger blind side bearing surface. This feature enhances the rivet's vibration resistance and makes it suitable for applications where vibration resistance is important.


High Shear and Tensile Strength:  Bulb tite rivets have excellent shear and tensile strength. When properly installed, they form a strong and securely fastened connection. This makes them suitable for applications that require reliable and durable fastening.


Watertight and Airtight: Bulb tite rivets have a spherical mandrel that effectively seals out water and air infiltration. When the mandrel is pulled, it expands the rivet body, creating a watertight and airtight seal. This allows Bulb-tite rivets to be used in applications where moisture or air tightness is critical, such as automotive, aerospace and HVAC systems.


Large Grip Range: Bulb-tite rivets have a relatively large grip range, which refers to the total thickness of the materials that can be joined together. This makes them versatile and suitable for a wide range of material thicknesses, reducing the need for different sized rivets and simplifying inventory management processes.



How Do Waterproof Tri-firm Rivets Work?


Waterproof Trifirm Rivet

The Waterproof Bulb Type Rivet is inserted into a pre-drilled hole, and a rivet gun or installation tool is used to deform the rivet from the blind side.

As the mandrel is pulled, the bulb section expands, creating a larger bearing surface on the blind side and fastening the materials securely together.


Aluminum Dome Head Waterproof Bulbtite Blind Rivets

Bulb Tite Blind Rivets

D1 L Bulb Tite Blind Rivets D2 k d p DRILL Watertight Pop Rivets Waterproof Aluminum Rivets
+1/-0 MIN.-MAX.   MAX. MAX. MIN.   MIN. MIN.
17.5 0.5-4.8 11.3-12.5 2.5 3.00 28.00 5.3-5.5 3004 N 2002 N
19.1 1.5-6.4
22.2 4.7-9.6
25.4 7.9-12.7
28.6 11.1-15.9
31.8 14.3-19.1
20.2 1.6-6.4 13.5-14.0 2.9 3.90 30.00 6.4-6.6 4200 N 2500 N
23.4 3.2-9.5
26.5 6.4-12.7
29.7 9.5-15.9
28.0 1.1-9.5 18.2-19.4 4.1 4.40 27.00 7.6-7.8 6230 N 4895 N
34.0 6.4-15.9


Production Process

Step 1

Blind rivet machine---making the rivet body

Step 2

Nail making machine---making the mandrel

Step 3

Assembly machine--finish the assembly of rivet body and the mandrel

Direct Factory Rivets



Regular package is small box+ carton+ pallet, or bulk in carton, each carton weights 20-25kgs. 

Borie Fasteners can also provide custom packaging service, such as poly bag or plastic bag with client's logo and information. 

Aluminum Pop Rivet Manufacturer



Bulbtite rivets are commonly used in the automotive industry for joining components that are subjected to high levels of vibration, such as door panels, fenders, and brackets. These rivets provide a secure and durable fastening solution.



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