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Technical support

Technical Support

As a factory, our technical team is committed to providing professional technical support and riveting customization solutions. We understand that customers often have questions regarding these aspects, so we've put together some frequently asked questions (FAQ) below:


Q: What kind of technical support do you offer?

A: Our technical support includes riveting properties, installation guidance, and assistance in resolving any technical issues related to our products.


Q: Can I request modifications to an existing product?

A: Absolutely. We are open to modifying existing products based on your needs, ensuring they fit your unique specifications.


Q: How long does it take for product customization?

A: The duration depends on the complexity of the customization requirements. Our team will provide a timeframe once the specific details are discussed.


Q: Are there any additional costs for product customization?

A: Additional costs may apply for extensive customization requests. However, we strive to offer competitive pricing while delivering tailored solutions.



We aim to exceed customer expectations by addressing common concerns through this FAQ section. Feel free to reach out to us with any further queries or requirements.

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