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Aluminum wide multi grip blind rivet

multi-grip blind rivets
multi-grip blind rivets
multi-grip blind rivets
multi-grip blind rivets
multi-grip blind rivets

Aluminum wide multi grip blind rivet

Borie Fasteners provide Multi Grip Rivet OEM&ODM service, we are committed to providing clients with one-stop riveting solutions. Customize your Multi Grip Rivet according to your needs of material, length, diameter, and surface treatment.

  • Standard:

    Multi Grip Rivet
  • Diameter:

  • Head Type:

    Dome Head/Countersunk Head/Large Flange
  • Material:

    Aluminum/Steel/Stainless Steel/Copper/Brass/Monel
  • Certificate:

  • Finish:

    zinc plated/painted
  • Factory:

    We are a factory with 19 years of R&D experience
  • MOQ:


Borie fasteners Multi Grip Rivet Riveting Solutions


aluminum multigrip blind rivet

Large Head Multi Grip Rivet


A Multi Grip Rivet, also known as a multigrip blind rivet or an extended grip rivet, is a type of fastener used to join two or more materials together. It is an evolution of the traditional blind rivet and offers increased flexibility in terms of grip range.


The Multi Grip Rivet body is divided into multiple sections or grooves, each with a different diameter. The Multi Grip Rivet mandrel is used to pull the sections of the body together during installation.



  • Steel Mandrel/Aluminum Body
  • Steel Mandrel/Steel Body
  • 304 Stainless Steel Mandrel/Aluminum Body
  • 304 Stainless Steel Mandrel/304 Stainless Steel Body
  • 316Stainless Steel Mandrel/316 Stainless Steel Body

Custom available Multi Grip Blind Rivet for your need. 


Advantage of Multi Grip Blind Rivets

1. Versatile: Accommodates various material thicknesses.

2. Cost-effective: Reduces the need for multiple rivet sizes.

3. Time-saving: Allows for quick and efficient installation.

4. Secure hold: Provides excellent joint strength and reliability.

5. Enhanced flexibility: Adapts to uneven or irregular surfaces.

6. Wide application range: Suitable for diverse industries and projects.

7. Increased productivity: Reduces the number of rivets needed per application.


How Does Large Multi Grip Rivet Work?  

multi grip blind rivet

  1. Prepare the materials: Gather the rivet, the installation tool (such as a rivet gun), and the materials to be joined.
  2. Position the materials: Align the materials to be joined together in the desired configuration.
  3. Insert the rivet: Insert the tail (unfilled) end of the rivet through the pre-drilled holes in the materials.
  4. Secure the rivet: Hold the rivet firmly in place using one hand or a clamp, ensuring that it remains aligned with the holes.
  5. Set the rivet: With the installation tool positioned on the head (filled) end of the rivet, apply firm and consistent pressure to the tool's handle or trigger.
  6. Expand the rivet: As pressure is applied, the installation tool will expand the head end of the rivet, causing the tail end to flare out and securely grip the materials.
  7. Complete the installation: Continue applying pressure until the rivet is fully expanded and the materials are tightly joined.
  8. Inspect the installation: Check the completed rivet joint to ensure it is secure, with no visible gaps or loosening.
  9. Repeat the process: If necessary, repeat the above steps to install additional Multi Grip Rivets in other locations.

Aluminum/ Steel Dome Head Multi Grip Blind Rivets

Dome Head Multi Grip Rivets

D1 L Stainless Steel Multigrip Blind Rivets D2 k d p DRILL Double Drum Rivets Multi Grip Pop Rivets
+1/-0 MIN.-MAX.   MAX. MAX. MIN.   MIN. MIN.
8.0 1.0-5.0 5.8-6.3 1.0 1.75 26.00 3.3-3.4 600 N 900 N
9.5 2.0-6.5
11.2  3.7-8.2
12.7 5.2-9.5
9.5 1.0-6.0 7.5-8.0 1.3 2.15 27.00 4.1-4.2 950 N 1500 N
12.7 4.0-9.0
17.0 8.5-13.5
10.3 1.6-6.4 9.0-9.6 1.5 2.63 28.00 4.9-5.0 1320 N 2000 N
15.1 5.0-11.0
17.0 7.0-13.0
24.8 14.0-19.8


Production Process

Step 1

Blind rivet machine---making the rivet body

Step 2

Nail making machine---making the mandrel

Step 3

Assembly machine--finish the assembly of rivet body and the mandrel

Manufacturer Blind Rivets



Regular package is small box+ carton+ pallet, or bulk in carton, each carton weights 20-25kgs. 

Borie Fasteners can also provide custom packaging service, such as poly bag or plastic bag with client's logo and information. 

Multi Grip Blind Rivets



Multi Grip Rivet can be used just about anywhere if they are properly installed. Most of them are used in 

  • Automotive industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Construction industry
  • Furniture manufacturing
  • Metal fabrication
  • Electrical equipment assembly
  • Signage and display fabrication
  • Marine industry
  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems
  • Plumbing and pipework installation

Rivets Multigrip Stainless Steel

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