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Wholosale Price Flat Head Round Body Blind Rivet Nuts

Flat Head Round Body Rivet Nuts
Flat Head Round Body Rivet Nuts
Flat Head Round Body Rivet Nuts
Flat Head Round Body Rivet Nuts
Flat Head Round Body Rivet Nuts

Wholosale Price Flat Head Round Body Blind Rivet Nuts

Flat head round body close end rivet nuts  offers a quick, reliable and low-cost solution for inserting thread into soft material. Meanwhile, the close end provides a 100% water resistance. 

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    Wuxi, China( near to Port Shanghai)
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    Plain, Zinc, Black, Dacromet, Geomet, etc
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Wholosale Price Flat Head Round Body Blind Rivet Nuts


A threaded insert, commonly known as a rivet nut, is an insert type that is affixed within a material to establish a threaded aperture. Instead of directly creating a threaded hole in the material, the threaded insert offers a sturdier fastening solution, especially when utilized in delicate materials or in thin work surfaces that cannot accommodate a traditional tapping process. Numerous threaded inserts possess exterior threads or ribs, enhancing the grip within the aperture to prevent rotation. Such inserts are particularly well-suited to industrial applications as they facilitate the standardized implementation of fasteners and alleviate challenges associated with transitioning between metric and standard threads.


A rivet nut, also referred to as a blind rivet, threaded insert, or rivnut, is a cohesive, tubular insert incorporating threading and a counterbore, enabling it to be securely anchored from one side, akin to a blind bolt. The rivet nut is installed blindly: it installs from the front side and no access to the backside is needed. The rivet nut install tool pulls the rivet nut internal threads up to create a secure bulge on the backside of the parent application. 


Rivet Nuts Are Used In A Variety Of Industries:

  • Automotive 
  • Aerospace and Defense 
  • Medical
  • General Industrial   
  • Solar 
  • Agricultural Equipment  
  • HVAC 
  • Electronics 
  • Railways 
  • Construction Equipment  
  • Heavy Truck  
  • Wind Power


Advantages of Rivet Nuts

  • Provide a strong thread in thin materials
  • Perfect for effortless disassembling and reassembling of goods,
  • install in a diverse range of materials: steel, plastic, fiberglass, and beyond,
  • Once installed, additional threaded components can be attached 
  • Preserves the integrity of pre-painted material during installation,
  • An exemplary alternative to weld nut,
  • Enhances efficiency with a straightforward installation,
  • Does not compromise the structural integrity of the underlying material,


Rivet Nut Head Type

Rivet nuts come in many shapes and sizes: open-end, closed-end (good for water control), round body, hex body, reduced head etc.

  • Ribbed Rivet Nut
  • Flat Head Rivet Nut
  • Reduced Head Rivet Nut
  • Countersunk Head Rivet Nut
  • Reduced Hex Head Rivet Nut
  • Large Flange Head Rivet Nut

Rivet Nut head type


Rivet Nut Body Type

  • Round Body Rivet Nut
  • Knurled Body Rivet Nut
  • Full Hex Body Rivet Nut
  • Semi-Hex Body Rivet Nut
  • Slotted Body Rivet Nut
  • Square Body Rivet Nut

Rivet nut Body type


Common Material Used For Solid Rivet

  • Steel ((finished in Zinc Plate)
  • Stainless steel 304 & SS316 (plain finish)
  • Aluminum (plain finish)


Selecting A Blind Rivet Nut

  • Thread size: rivet nuts range from M3 to M12 thread sizes dependent upon the rivet nut.
  • Grip range: The blind rivet nut should be selected to ensure that the thicknesses of the parent material(s) falls within the grip range.
  • Hole size: This is specified on the relevant technical data page for the rivet nut. Allowance for coating the parent material should be made to avoid an undersized hole.
  • Special features: Additional features such as low profile, large flange, closed end and countersunk are available within the standard range of products. 
  • Torque-to-turn: Resistance is dependent upon the body shape and increases in the series: round, splined, hexagonal and square
  • Corrosion resistance : The selection of the material type and coating of the rivet nut should be made on the basis of the corrosion resistance required.


flat head round rivet nut

Thread Sizes: M4 – M10

Material: Aluminium, steel, stainless steel A2 & A4

Head Styles: Flat, countersunk,large flange, reduced

Body: Round with and without splines, Half Hex, Full Hex

Option:Closed end, Open end

Hole Size: Metric, Inch


Thread T(GRIP RANGE) A Hole Size D B K L
Min Max Ref 0.1 0.07
0 -0.1
M4*0.7 0.5-2.0 11.3 6 5.9 9.0±0.25 0.8±0.1 16.0±0.25
M5*0.8 0.5-2.5 13.8 7 6.9 10.0±0.3 1.0±0.15 19.0±0.3
M6*1.0 0.5-3.0 15 9 8.9 12.3±0.3 1.3 0.2 21.0±0.3
M8*1.25 1.0-3.5 18.2 11 10.9 15.0±0.3 1.5±0.15 25.0±0.3
M10*1.5 1.0-4.0 19.4 13 12.9 17.0±0.3 1.6±0.15 27.0±0.3
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