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A riveting choice suitable for fragile materials

A riveting choice suitable for fragile materials

Apr 03 , 2024

Tri-fold blind rivets feature slotting. It is also named three-fold blind rivets, folding type blind rivets or lantern blind rivets. When installed, it can form three large legs, providing a larger area to disperse the load on the joint. This feature allows it to be applied to fragile or softer materials, as well as suitable for large holes and irregularly shaped holes, mainly used in automobiles, such as plastic dashboards, interior trim, accessories, etc. Aluminum tri-fold blind rivets is the most common and can provide a high corrosion resistance. 


Tri-fold Blind Rivets

Head type: dome head, large flange head

Rivet body diameter: 3.2mm, 4.0mm, 4.8mm, 6.4mm

Material: full aluminum(stock), full stainless steel(custom)

Surface treatment: silver(plain), black rivet body, all black painting


Advantages over other joining methods such as welding or threaded fasteners

  • Not just tri-fold blind rivets, but all of blind rivets can join the sheets from one side. 
  • Quick Installation. Workers only need a riveting tool to finish the joining between sheets. It enhances the efficiency of a whole project. 
  • No need threaded holes or nuts and save a lot of material over traditional welding.
  • Lightweight, providing good corrosion resistance


Borie Fasteners, as a leading tri-fold rivets manufacturer in China, can supply OEM service for our customers, whether small bag packing, small MOQ or other special customization requirement, our reliable and professional team meet them. Meanwhile, the direct factory price helps our customers save more cost and get more profits. You can click 'Tri-fold blind rivets' to get more details. 

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